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Do you have anxiety? Worry a lot?  Are you pre-menopausal like me?  Today I am going to share something with you that is very personal and private.  It reveals things about me that are nasty, irritating and negative.  I started this blog about a year ago to try to help people.  I’m sharing my experiences with issues that I have and how I deal with them in a natural way.   Today’s issue is anxiety or excessive worrying.  Plus,  female issues with periods and starting menopause so I hope I don’t gross you out with too much information, lol.  Beware.

A friend of mine came over the other day and was talking about someone who is having medical issues and cannot discover the cause.  Without going into great detail about this, it is possible that the cause is anxiety or excessive worrying.  People may not realize how anxiety and excessive worrying can cause many health issues.

This prompted me to write this post as I have been one to have anxiety and worry excessively.  In the past, I have worried myself into being completely useless.  I have had such pressure on my chest that it was hard to breathe just from anxiety.  My son and I have had issues in the past because he has said I was way overprotective.  I have been called paranoid, crazy, a control freak,  been told I worry too much, and don’t trust.  It is hard to deal with that.

I think, women especially,  have a hard time with anxiety because often times we carry the weight of our little worlds on our shoulders.  There is so much going on, so much to do and not enough time or energy to get it all done.

I have been in a pre-menopausal state for the last couple of years and has probably been some of the worst years of my life.  My hormones were so out of whack and I was so unbalanced that I just literally want to reach up and yank out my uterus.  I had periods that seemed endless and the emotional roller coaster of being calm one minute to having absolute rage the next was just out of control.  This caused huge levels of anxiety within me.   I had become a person that I did not like,  I had no desire to do anything, or go anywhere.  Often times, I could not go anywhere because my period was so bad.  My body had no energy, everything was an effort.

Finally, I had a breather of a few months of no periods, I celebrated.  I thought maybe I am done forever, ya right, I literally sobbed on the toilet when I discover my period had come back.  I was an emotional wreck.  Anxiety, yea I had some,  to the point I would rather die than have another endless period.

During this time of insanity, I did much research to find something that would help me find a balance so I was not this crazed lunatic.  I am not a big believer in Western medicine, so I did not go to my doctor.  Instead, I went looking for natural ways to deal with this.  I tried several different things including Dong Quai, Black Cohosh, Chaste Tree, various vitamins, minerals, meditating, yoga, and prayer.  I tried this stuff one at a time and in combinations, nothing seemed to work.

Finally, I discovered something to help me out.  I had previously taken St John’s Wort when I felt stressed out but did not take it on a daily basis.  So I started taking it every day.  What a miraculous change.  It really helped me to cope with everything.

I had previously taken Chaste Tree in combination with other herbs, but it didn’t seem to help or perhaps I did not take it long enough. So I decided to try it again because it is supposed to help balance hormones.  Glad I did because this time it worked.

I have discovered that the combination of these, St John’s Wort and Chaste Tree helps me immensely.  The St John’s Wort helps to relieve stress and anxiety.  When I take it, I just don’t worry, I feel more peaceful.  No more rushing around and getting uptight about stuff.   I don’t have that tightness in my chest.  I just feel so much calmer, no worries.  The Chaste Tree helps keep my hormones in balance so I am not up and down all the time,  just evenly balanced.

I take both St John’s Wort and Chaste Tree every day.  I have noticed that if I miss a few days, I can feel it.  Those negative feelings are lurking there just waiting to get out and mess up my life.  So I make a point to take them every day. I don’t know if it will always be like this, but for now, this is what I do.

The brand I take is Oregon Wild Harvest.   I have no affiliation or link with them, so I am not trying to sell you their brand.  Just stating that it helps me and this is the brand of my choice.  Also, I have no side effects whatsoever.  Another reason for my not going to the doctor and most likely getting a prescription for some drug that has worse side effects than the issue itself.

Thankfully the periods are gone again, hopefully forever and life is worth living, lol.  Dealing with hot flashes now, but anything is better than having a period, in my opinion.

Also, I commented that I did not like this person that I had become so along with taking these herbal supplements, I tried to just “be happy”.  So I set out to do things that made me happy.  I started spending more time with friends, going out, day trips to museums and festivals.  Just being social, having conversations with people.  It is so important to get out, not just lay around the house and do nothing.  Enjoy life!







So there it is, I have laid out some icky stuff about myself and issues that I have had to deal with and how I am dealing with them.   Having anxiety or being a worrier are even worse when you have female issues.  It just compounds the problems that you are all ready trying to cope with.  I hope that someone else can benefit from my experiences and hopefully not go thru what I have. Life is way too short to have anxiety or worry about every little thing.  Most things in life you really can’t control, so why worry about it.

And let me say that being a female can really suck sometimes with the stuff that we have to deal with.  Unfortunately, that is part of life.  I am trying to survive it the best way I can and sharing this in hope of helping some else survive it too..

Thanks for reading,



Please note that I am just sharing my experience with you.  I am not advising or suggesting that you do what I did.  I am not a medical person or doctor, nor I am suggesting that you do not see your own doctor if you have medical issues.  Always consult your own doctor for your own medical issues before trying something on your own.  The post I have written here is general information based on my own personal experience.  It is not medical advice.  In this day and age statements like this, unfortunately, need to be stated.

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