Oct 112018
I love going to farmers markets.  There is so much stuff you can get there and you are helping the local farmers and vendors.  Living here in Southern California, there is a farmer’s market everyday, somewhere, year round.  
I have been a stay at home mom for several years, probably too many.  My son is older now and I should have gone back to the work sooner.  I don’t know if it was laziness or perhaps fear, since I was out of the loop for quite a while, but it was way past time.  Previously, I was in the auto business and did not want to go back to that, it has changed a lot, and I just wanted to do something different.  So I applied to several places that I thought would be enjoyable to work at and nothing really came into play.  So I decided to look into other areas.
I sell Beanie Babies online at eBay and have been doing that for years as a hobby, as my husband calls it.  Good grief, nowadays, you can buy just about anything online.  Selling online is tough, lots of competition and it is just flooded.  So I knew that would not be enough even if I really worked it to make it a full-time job.
So I decided to look into the Farmers Markets.  Since Cottage Laws went into effect, it has become a bit easier to sell homemade goodies.  I found I have a love for baking and cooking in general.  So putting those together, I am now trying it as a vendor at a local farmers market selling cookies and working on other baked goods.  I feel as though I am on a new adventure. I personally, don’t feel that I am a real people person, and definitely not a salesperson, but I am going to put myself out there and see what happens.
There is a lot to learn about the ways of a farmers market and all the paperwork just to get there.  I hope this turns out to be a positive and profitable adventure.
One of my displays
Some of the cookies I sell at the farmers market
Since getting involved with the farmers market, I have not been spending much time on my blog.  I hope to find a good balance of time once I get into a routine.  It is funny, previously I had all kinds of time and I would sit at my computer and nothing would come to mind to write about.  I think I was in a rut, and lazy.  It was like I was watching time and my life go by and not doing anything about it.  Sometimes I would look in the mirror and say, “Good God, who are you, you lazy ass?  Do something with yourself!!”  Well, now I am, or at least getting started with this, so now I am busy and doing something.  Hallelujah!  However, now I have several posts I want to write and have to make time to write them, oh the irony.
So to wrap this up, I hope that if you read this, it will be inspiring.  I feel inspired, I am taking a risk and trying something new and if it doesn’t work, well I am going to make it work.
Be brave and trying something new.  Bottom line, don’t just sit around doing nothing, Get Up, Get Out, Do Something, Enjoy life, you never know when it will be ripped away from you or how much time you have left.  Life is short, don’t waste it.
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