Sep 052018
What a day I had at this event.  A posh experience with a delectable array of scrumptious bites.
A picturesque setting for this event at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort.  This was my first time to the Pacific Wine and Food Classic and I can tell you I will be a regular attendee.  This was just fabulous.  My friend and I just strolled along stopping at all the tents to see what tasty treats the vendors had to offer.
There were several different seafood bites and a few versions of tacos.  I am a fan of tacos so I did partake in a few of those.  My favorite was pork tacos at Bueno Bueno Mexican Kitchen.
Great Pork Tacos
After sampling a few tasty bites, it was definitely wine time.  Rodney Strong was my favorite.  I also tried Butter and We Believe, they were very good.  All tastes were Chardonnay as that is my favorite.
Had some delightful Italian food at Maggiano’s.  The bruschetta was chilled and fresh, it tasted great as it was a very warm day.  Also, it went really well with the chardonnay.
There was such a variety of food, it was difficult to choose what to sample.  I had a very refined duck bite, braised short rib, grass-fed burger bite, tortellini, some interesting seafood bites, and cake.
This Warm Pineapple Butter Cake from Coastal Catering was just wicked good.  The butter cake melted in your mouth, add the caramel sauce and pineapple and it was the perfect bite, just delicious.
For me and my friend, it was a perfect way to spend an afternoon together.
To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.  Oscar Wilde
Indeed, one of my favorite quotes.  It is true, many people just exist.  I have felt that way at times and that is why I am trying to change that.
Life is short, enjoy life.  Spend time with friends, go places, do things, have fun, spend time in nature, take a walk, go to a museum, walk the beach, experience things.  Don’t just sit around.

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