Nov 172017

To Shop or Not to Shop, HA that is the question.  Since 1952, Black Friday is regarded as the day the Christmas holiday shopping season starts in the United States.  For many years, the day after Thanksgiving would start around 6 A.M.  That gives people time to relax after their big Thanksgiving feast and enjoy time with family, watching sports, or my favorite, napping.  However, in the 2000’s, retailers starting opening their doors earlier like, 4 or 5 A.M.  Then, in 2011, chain retailers starting opening their doors at Midnight.  And if that is not enough, in 2012 WALMART and other chain retailers starting opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day at 8 P.M., infringing on our National Holiday.  What is next, forget Thanksgiving and just go shopping?  What about the people who are expected to work?  Where do you draw the line and say enough you greedy retailer bastards, let us have our Holiday in Peace?

I cannot even fathom why someone would want to go face mass crowds and chaos on Back Friday, much less on Thanksgiving Day.

Several years ago, I went out on Black Friday.  It was when stores opened at 4 A.M.  I set my alarm for 3:45 A.M.  I got to Kmart just after 4 in the morning and the parking lot was all ready jammed.  It took awhile to find a parking space.  I  went into the store and was flabbergasted, as it was a mad house.  I had checked the ad before going there and they had a few things on sale that I wanted.  However, it was difficult to get around, especially when everyone had a shopping cart and not too many people were nice.  I got to the men’s section to get what I wanted and of course, they were out of the size I needed.  I knew it would be impossible to find a store clerk to ask if they had more, so I just moved on to the next item on my list.  I ended up getting a few things and headed to the cashier.  Seriously, the lines were ridiculous.  I was in line well over an hour.  By the time I got out to my car, it was light outside.  Then, I went to Macy’s at the mall.  What was I thinking?  Parking was, well you can just imagine.  I made it into the store, not quite the frenzied chaos that was Kmart was, but still very crowded.  No carts or bags to carry your items, I was overloaded with stuff in my arms.  And now the wait in line, yes, waiting and waiting while holding all this stuff, just to save a few bucks, hmmmmm, indeed.  So I made it out of there, by that time I was hungry, sore, tired, and really grouchy.  It was almost noon, I spent 7 hours and only hit two stores, that was it for me.  So I told myself I would never do that again.  Shopping on Black Friday is not for me.   I went home and slept the rest of the day away.

I went to Kmart on that Saturday after Black Friday and got the same stuff in the men’s department that I wanted that they were out of and at the same price as Black Friday and there was no crowds, no chaos, no problems.  Yea for me.

I can say that I have experienced Black Friday and it is one experience I can definitely do without.  I would much rather enjoy the holiday of Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving, to me, is about family, friends, and being thankful.

And don’t forget the FOOD!!!

I hope everyone has an awesome, hearty, and blessed Thanksgiving.



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  1. I am also a fan of “normal” and dont really like events like vlack friday that make everyone seem to go crazy! Nice to know im not the only one who is avoiding this events

  2. I like to do my Black Friday shopping online and I LOVE cyber Monday. I feel bad for the people that have to work on Thanksgiving. They should have never started Black Friday on Thanksgiving, that’s wrong

  3. I hate the way that consumerism has taken over family time, it makes me sad. Here in the UK they tried the black Friday opening at midnight but people got hurt so the companies do not do it. We have the January sales on boxing day and it’s so sad that people miss half their Christmas shopping for a bargain.

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