Oct 162017

Being Considerate, what does that mean?  Well, the dictionary defines it as: “careful not to cause inconvenience or hurt to others”

So do we live in a world of considerate people?  I often wonder and think a big fat NO.  It seems to be all about the “I” factor.  I want this or I want that.  I am going here or I am going to do this.  No thought as to how it might affect someone else.  Why should this matter?  Well, in my humble opinion, a lot of the time it should.  Especially in one’s own family or circle of friends.  Is it really so hard to communicate and be considerate?

Being Punctual.  In this day and age, there is so much going on: meetings, deadlines, appointments, everything is run on a schedule.  If you are late, you make others late.  Sure there are circumstances sometimes that make you late that you can not help, well then call and let someone know you are going to be late.

When getting into your vehicle to go somewhere, remember there are many other people on the road.  If people would pay attention to driving and be more considerate of other drivers, perhaps there would be less road rage and fewer accidents.

We live in an age of technology that we can communicate thru text, e-mail, social media, etc.  However, I honestly think that these technological advances has hinders us from real communication.  People just don’t seem to really TALK anymore.  Lack of communication is rampant, especially in my own household.  Perhaps that is why this bothers me so, but it is true.  We are social creatures and so many people today do not know how to socialize or communicate with each other.  Communication is a key to having a good foundation for a relationship.  If you can’t talk to each other, what have you got?

Cleaning up, the Earth we live on is a beautiful place, so keep it clean.  Pick up trash, clean up after yourself, if you made a mess then clean it up.  I went to Huntington Beach for a birthday party a couple of years ago, and I was disgusted at the trash left on the beach.  There was food trash, beer bottles buried in the sand, broken glass, and plastic everywhere.  It was so gross.  I can’t understand why people can not clean up after themselves.  It is so inconsiderate.

These are just a few things that I find people do that is really inconsiderate.  Perhaps if people are more aware of their surroundings, it would be easier to be considerate.  Pay attention and put a smile on your face when you drive, lol maybe it will catch on.  If you see trash, pick it up and put it in the trash can.  And for you litter bugs, clean up after yourselves, if you make a mess clean it up, it is that simple.  Finally, talk to each other and be considerate of each others feelings.






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  1. so well said, people have become selfish and I have noticed no one really cares about others. there are rarely genuine people who are interested in you and your success. well written. This world would be such a beautiful place if we would just be a little kinder, happier and helpful!

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