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The Library, a fascinating and exciting place.  Many would laugh, but I love walking down the aisles, in peaceful quite, perusing which books I am going to lose myself in.

Benjamin Franklin was a great man, amongst his many inventions and discoveries, was the library.  Back in the 1700’s, books were very expensive, and hard to get, usually only the Clergy or wealthy had access to books.  Franklin’s idea came about during gatherings with the Junto Club, which he also started.  The members of the Junto Club brought books to the gathering to share and discuss.  It became bothersome to bring the books back and forth, from their homes to the meeting room,  so they decided to leave the books in the meeting room.  That way they could all benefit from the books and if someone wanted to take a book home he could, so starting the idea of the public library.  Franklin’s goal was to benefit the common people, so everyone would have access to books.

Books contains a wealth of knowledge and imagination, a vast array  in which to lose oneself.  When I am reading a book, everything around me ceases to exist.  I am in the book, so to speak, so focused that no other thoughts are running thru my mind, just the book.  It transports me to where ever the plot is and I am there, watching thru my imagination, and seeing the story unfold.  It is an escape.  A way to shut everything out and just focus on the book.  I love to get lost in a book.  There are days when you just need a few moments of escape and a book can transport you there.

I believe books and reading are a foundation for speaking and learning.  It is so important to read to children.  

Starting at a very early age or even still in the womb, I think reading is beneficial.  It creates a bond.  It starts the child on a path that reading is good and fun, hopefully that will carry thru to adolescents and teen years.  It helps build a foundation for understanding and learning, it helps a child speak.  Having a child develop a desire for reading will benefit them so much as they grow.

These are my thoughts and a wrap for today’s edition of Friday Morning Coffee.  Thank you Benjamin Franklin for starting the library.  Reading is a great escape. But, most importantly, reading to children.  Parents, I hope you take time to read to your kids, I cannot stress enough how important that is.  Good reading to you all.



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