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Hello Everyone

Just wanted to add some additional information about myself and eBay.  I had started off buying stuff on eBay and it was fun to search and find all kinds of cool things.  Then, an interesting opportunity kinda fell in my lap.  I was given a very, very large collection of Beanie Babies.  So I decided to research the idea of selling those Beanies on eBay.  After much trial and error, I started and opened an eBay store to sell those Beanies.  It was tough at first and I made several mistakes, but like with any new venture you learn, or should learn from those mistakes.  It has always been just a part-time venture, but I hope to take it to a higher level.  I am looking into affiliates and links to grow the eBay store.

I enjoy selling the Beanies on eBay. I took it on because I thought it would be an interesting venture and a great opportunity to make some extra money.  But I discovered another wonder reason for selling these Beanies, they are special to many kids.  I have had several buyers who have sent me messages of thanks and gratitude for having “that special Beanie” available because their child cannot live without it.  It warms my heart to know that I helped put a smile on many children’s faces.

I have looked into other items to sell to grow the store, so there are items that I have picked up that I thought might sell.  I also have listing for different kinds of Sea Salt and Smoked Salt.

I do not like to use a lot of processed food items and salt is definitely one of them.  So I got really into different Salts so I have them listed in my eBay store.  Please, check out my eBay store.  If you have any questions about the Beanies or Salts, just send me an email.



This is the link to my eBay store, through the EPN program with eBay.  So I believe I need to say this site contains affiliate programs.  I am compensated if you click this link and purchase something.  Thank you.




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