Oct 062017

I honestly believe that the media and social media is  destroying football and dividing this country.  Please understand that this is MY OPINION, and what I write here in this post is my thoughts and if it offends you, oh well.  I am not going to apologize, just as I believe Cam Newton has NO reason to apologize.  He said, “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.”  How on Earth is that insulting or especially, degrading?  What the hell is wrong with people?  I am a female and I am not insulted nor do I find it degrading.  I also know football and what a route is, and still do not find it insulting or degrading.  People take offense to everything little thing and then the MEDIA blows it up and makes a mountain out of a mole hill.  This has got to stop, it is ridiculous.  I never understood why players need to be asked questions after the game, you just saw the game, why do you need to ask questions about it.  And then the press conference, why?, rehashing what you just watched.  What player wants to answer questions about the game they just played especially when all the questions are usually stupid or about what went WRONG.  The game is over, the job is done, why do they have to talk about it.

The past few weeks I have tried to stay off Facebook, why?  Because it is sad to read and see so much anger, frustration, hate, and down right stupidity.  Everyone is not going to agree on everything, it is impossible.  But because of the media, something gets thrown out there, they debate it to death and people end up choosing sides and it divides us, it pits us against each other.  Just like the stand or kneel debate when the National Anthem is sung.  This issue, because of the media is soooooo blown out of whack and was not handled properly in the very beginning, again because of the media.  I watched many games and the TV people always made sure to show what the players were doing.

I believe a few years ago, the players stayed in the locker rooms until it was time to play the game, perhaps the NFL should go back to that.  I also read that the government wanted the players on the sidelines while the National Anthem was sung as an act of Patriotism for our country.  It was not a problem before, why is it now?  And it has been twisted and turned into a big wad of negative chaos, with a touch of racism, because seriously, every comment anybody makes now a days is racist.  Give me a break, this racism thing is way way out of control.  And thanks to the media, it stays out of control.

I also believe, and again this is my opinion, that when the players are on the field, they are being paid to play football.  That is their job, to play football.  It is not the time or place to MAKE A STATEMENT, do that on your own time.

Colin Kaepernick started this big fat mess when he took a knee during the National Anthem. Did his taking a knee have anything to do with football????, NO, it did not, in my opinion, so that was not the time or place to do that.  If he wants to make a statement then make a statement, BUT do it on your own time, not when you are on the job.

This whole thing really pissing me off because I like football, I like watching football.  But, It has become a game of politics, racism, domestic violence, and players making statements, it is not even football anymore.

So can we please get back to the game.  A game where the players really want to play football, and try to win games and teams stick together because they want to win together. A game that has meaning and loyalty and sportsmanship.  When players actually played “for the love of the game”, is it too late??



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