Oct 022017

Be kind to old people.  Lend a helping hand to the elderly.  Have patience when speaking to older people.  In today’s busy, rushed world, people tend to forget about the elderly and how it is to get old.

This is my late again, edition of Friday Morning Coffee.  It is late because I was out-of-town helping my elderly mom with cleaning her house and pulling a gazillions weeds in her yard.  She tells me quite often that “it sucks getting old.”  She gets frustrated because there are things she just cannot do anymore because her body just won’t let her.  As we age our body tends to become more fragile and get weaker unfortunately that is part of life.  Most people probably don’t think about what it is like to get old until it really starts to happen and then it is like WTH, how did this happen.  It becomes harder and harder just to do everyday stuff sometimes.  I can understand how my mom feels and see the difficulties that she has and why she says “it sucks to get old.”

I just want to give a shout out to everyone, especially if you have elderly parents, to help them out one in a while.  Give a call just to say Hi and see how they are.  I know many people who only call their parents on holidays, it is sad.  Many elderly people are alone or lonely.  It is like people just forget about them, or perhaps just don’t want to deal with the situation.   People also need to remember that death can come at any time and a person could be here one day and gone the next.

And remember too, everyone ages, some better than others, but it still happens, so be kind to old people, you will be old some day too.

Just a quick note that these writings are my thoughts and opinions.  I believe that people should honor and respect their parents.  I do also understand that some people have issues with their parents for whatever reason.  I say this because, God forbid I offend anyone, lol!




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  1. This is very true. People get caught up in their own lives that they forget who gave them life in the first place. Definitely enjoyed reading your post!

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