Sep 212017

What is wrong with people today?  I just don’t understand how people can be so inconsiderate, rude, and just plain STUPID.  What has happen to common courtesy and common sense?  Take yesterday for example, I was on my way home from getting my husband’s truck repaired.  I was stopped at a light, it turned green and I made a right turn, nobody in front of me, I step on the gas to get going and a car pulls out of a shopping center, making a left turn right in front of me, so I slam on my brakes and lay on my horn, and ya know what, the jerk in the car had his window down, he sticks his tongue out at me and laughs as he drives away.  I should have just hit him, it probably would have been worth it.  I mean, What An ASS.  Why, Why do people do stupid shit like that?  He was a young kid too, stupid jerk.  It just infuriates me.  It is like nobody cares.  He probably thinks, I am going and she’ll stop, no big deal, well one of these days, somebody may not stop.  And what is it with sticking the tongue out and laughing, that is just fucking rude.  It is hard to have a positive attitude about today’s youth when they do stupid shit like that.

I go to the post office 3-4 times a week because I sell on eBay.  Every time I go, it is like taking my life in my own hands because people don’t pay attention or use common sense.  When I am ready to leave the post office, I put my vehicle in reverse, stop and turn my head to actually look and see if it is clear to back out.  This must be a new concept because most people do NOT do this, they just get in their car, put it in reverse and back out.  I have seen soooooooooooooo many times when people walking have to hurry out-of-the-way to avoid getting hit, or horns honking because no body is looking.  It is ridiculously that people are so rude and in a hurry that they can’t even look before backing out of a parking space.

A few months ago I was in the left turn lane and stopped at a light.  There were a few cars in front and in back of me.  The light turned green and cars started to go, except the car in front of me, he just sat there, I honked my horn, so he starts to go, then he slows and stops again, I had to slam on my brakes as did the cars behind me and we are in the middle of the intersection.  So everyone honks and he starts to drive again, we make it through the intersection, I am changing lanes to enter a shopping center and he cuts in front of me.  I am so pissed at this point.  He goes into the shopping center and parks.  Well I followed him.  I parked next to him and got out of my car and had a few choice words with him.  I discovered that he was texting while he was attempting to drive that is why he was driving like an idiot.  I literally screamed at this kid and told him not only is it illegal to text and drive, but extremely unsafe, you could have caused a major accident, no text is so important that is interferes with driving.  He was stunned and very sorry.  I hope I scared the shit out of him so he never texts and drives again.

Well I am glad I got that off my chest, I tell you it is so frustrating to witness such stupidity when people drive.  I hope anyone who reads this will pass on how dangerous it is to text or really do anything in your car that distracts you while you are driving, not only are you endangering yourself, but everyone around you.

I hope this article was useful and helpful as I can not stress enough how dangerous it is to text and drive.  Pass it on.

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