Sep 072017

     Nature is truly a wonder.  Nature will tell you things if only people would really listen.   And Nature has told me that Autumn has arrived in Southern California as of this week.  How do I know that you ask, well let me tell you.

     I have lived at my current residence for almost 16 years.  I like the fact that we have this huge tree in the front yard, it provides great shade.  However, the next year after we moved in,  I noticed a strange noise in the tree, a loud humming, or buzzing.  Well, I discovered we had bees in the tree, many bees flying all over the front yard and driveway.  I thought perhaps there was a beehive in there and we would have to call someone to have it removed.  I was nervous about the bees because I had just had a baby and every time we went outside to the car, I had to deal with bees.  I did not do anything right away and then after a few weeks the bees were gone.  I thought OK, they moved on, great problem solved.

     The next year, Hello again bees.  So again I looked for a hive, no hive, but so many bees.  I discovered there are little tiny round floral balls on the tree and that is why the bees come.  I started to keep track of these bees and discovered quite a bit of information.  

     As soon as this tree starts to flower, the bees would come.  It happened around the same time every year, give or take a few days or maybe a week.   Since then, I really started to take notice of the timing of the bees, I have observed other things as well.  My neighbor across the street has a tree in the front of his house that the leaves change colors.  This coincides with the bees. This year I also noticed a shift in the feel of the weather.  The end of August was very hot, several days in a row of well over 100 degrees, now while still hot, but in the low to mid 90’s and it just feels different.  The nights have definitely cooled and so have the mornings.  So I believe that the bees arrival is also the arrival of Autumn.

     The bees come every year and I look forward to it.  I have found that if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone.  We have never be stung.  I have had bees land on me and I look at them and then they fly away.  The key is not to panic and freak out and wave your arms around.  Then, the bee will think you are aggressive and may sting you.  With age comes wisdom, and I have learned not to panic.  That is not to say that if a spider crawled on me I would not panic because I would, I hate spiders, but apparently bees don’t bother me.

      I am not a big fan of Summer and the intense heat, so when the bees come it is cause for celebration because I know Autumn has arrived.   Autumn is my favorite time of year.  Cooler weather, the array of colors, the food and holidays, and of course Football.

     Bees are important to the natural cycle of life as they are pollinators.  We need bees.  The lives of bees are in serious jeopardy due to so many pesticides strayed on everything.  So I feel I am helping just a little bit because I let nature take it course with the bees in the tree and I keep my yard pesticide and chemical free.  So please be friendly to bees.  If you have a bee hive that you don’t want, please call a bee keeper to remove them not an exterminator.

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