Aug 072017

When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.

Patrick Rothfuss

Childhood and Youth can only be experienced once, enjoy it and have fun.

 August is here and most kids are starting to return to school.  Moms everywhere are rejoicing, lol.   As a mom with a kid in school these days, I look at what is being taught and how the education system works.  I can honestly say that I am NOT a big fan of Common Core.  However, school is important, especially the social aspect of it, in my opinion.  When I was in school, many moons ago, we had classes that actually helped prepare us for real life.   For example, I had Home Economics in high school, it taught me basic sewing and cooking skills.  School today is so geared to set the kids up for college that most of these kids lack in basic life skills.  Here is another example, my son was a freshman last year and for math he had a whole year of Algebra.  I ask you, when in life are you going to use Algebra?  Unless you are going for some specific career that uses Algebra, I see no point.  Many kids today lack basic math skills, and some cannot even count back change.  I have seen this in several stores and fast food places, they rely on technology to tell them the correct amount of change and have no idea how to count it back to you. 

Times have certainly changed since I was in school.  There were no fences and gates around the school.  I was able to leave the campus at lunch, now most schools have closed campuses.  Bullying was not an issue as it is today.  There were no dress codes or having to wear uniforms.  I had never heard of a school shooting and kids never tried to bring weapons to school.  I knew of kids that had died due to excessive partying and driving or fights, but not suicide.  I cannot believe the amount of kids today who would take their own life.

 It is tough to be a kid today.  So much pressure to succeed to do well academically.  Today’s kid goes to school for 6-8 hours a day, then has 2-3 hours of homework.  If they do any sport or band or any extra curricular school activities, there has to be time for that too, so when do they have time to be a kid or have fun or just breathe?  I thought being a kid was supposed to be somewhat fun because when you become an adult that is when work and responsibility really start.  Maybe that is why there are so many problems with kids today.



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