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I can’t say enough good things about this flower.  Calendula Officinalis is also called a pot marigold, and is a great addition to any garden.  It is a bright beautiful flower, easy to grow, and the healing benefits from this flower are amazing in my opinion.

About a year ago, I was frying bacon and you know how bacon grease can spit at you, well I moved the pan and got splattered on.  I had 6 different spots where the grease hit me on my wrist, man it was hot and it hurt.  So, the 1st thing I did was run my wrist under cold water, that helped briefly.  Then I ran outside and cut a piece off of my Aloe Vera plant and applied that to my wrist.  The burning feeling was quite intense and my wrist got all red and I could see blisters starting to form.  So once the burning stopped after a couple hours, thanks to the Aloe Vera, I applied Calendula Oil.  I made this myself at home from flowers in my garden and organic extra virgin olive oil.  I applied this 4-5 times a day for about 5 days, the blisters never fully formed and it healed so quickly I was amazed and I have no scars.

I have used this when I had a sun burn and it worked really well.  It soothed my skin, kept it soft, so my skin didn’t dry out and get tight and I did not peel.

I have used this on mosquito bites.  It helps stop the itch and the bite just seems to go away faster than if you just left it alone.

My mom, who is an elderly lady that bruises easily, used some Calendula Oil that I made for her on her bruises and they healed very quickly.

Calendula has been used for hundreds of years as a medicinal herb to heal wounds, burns, and skin problems.  Calendula helps prevent infections and speeds the healing process( I can attest to that).  It can be useful for athlete’s foot, acne, bug bites, diaper rash, burns, and bruises.

I always have some of this oil on hand and use it quite frequently.  It is very easy is to make.  What you need:

Dried Calendula Flower Petals and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a Jar with a Lid.  A strainer or cheese cloth used for later.

If you grow it in your own garden, simply snip the flower, shake it off to get any bugs off and set it out to dry.  I just place them on paper plates outside for a couple days.  When dry, get a mason jar or some jar with a lid and place all the dried calendula flowers in there and pour in the extra virgin olive oil(I use organic).  Make sure the flowers are completely covered, close lid, shake it a bit and place it in a window that gets a bit of sun.  I let mine sit for a few weeks.  It is a good idea to shake the jar every couple of days in case there is a piece of flower in there that is not covered so it does not mold.  After a couple of weeks, it should be a yellowish/orange color and have a kinda of earthy smell.  You will need to filtered it. I use a stainless steel strainer, then I filtered it again with cheese cloth.  When you use the strainer, make sure to press down on the flowers to get as much oil out of them as you can.  After the straining is done, you have this beautiful oil that can help you.


All information posted here is based on my own personal experience and opinion.   Please consult your doctor regarding your health.

None of the information in this post should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition as I am not a doctor or medical person.

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