Aug 042017

Today is a day about reflection.  It is very hard to lose someone who is part of your family and even harder when you are not there.  Last week my son and I were in Iowa at a hockey camp.  My husband was home holding down the fort.  While we were away one of our pets passed away.  Kodiak, the big dog.

This is a picture of him the year we got him, he’s hanging out with my husband as he mows the grass.

Here he is hoping that bacon is for him as he takes a smell.  He was a big dog over 100 pounds.

Here he is in all his glory laying on our couch.  He thought he was special enough to lay on the couch and that was his favorite position.  Typical male, lol.

Again on the furniture with our cat, he always got along great with the cats.

Here he is with our other dog, she was a stray that my husband brought home one day.  She took to Kodiak like it was love at first sight.  She fit right into our family.  She was always by him and very protective of him.  And she was right by his side at the end.


Here is a hunting picture with Kodiak and 3 generations of my family.

Kodiak was a great dog, very unique.  He was very friendly and everyone loved him.  My husband was hit the hardest by this loss as they were so close.  They did so much together, that dog loved my husband very much.  Kodiak was always wagging his tail, so happy when my husband would come home from work.  Unconditional love of a dog is a precious thing.  They love you and are always happy to see you no matter what.

Oh Kodiak, you will be missed and certainly not forgotten.

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